Domain w/ Email Hosting (DNS)

Tired of searching for sensible/flexible domain hosting services? Search no more. If you want it... you can have it.

Price: $2/month Setup: Free Traffic: Light-Moderate

You can choose a domain name that is available ($20/year for .com $30 for .ca); or share one of ours ( You can have multiple domain names pointed at your website, plus you can also have matching email accounts. Email features include catch-all's, aliases, majordomo, auto-respond, and forwarding.

All services are scalable; as your needs increase, we can accommodate.

To SEARCH a domain name to see if it is available, enter it below.
Please Note: This is for search purposes only, DO NOT register here unless you expressly DO NOT want to take advantage of our rates.

For the best pricing, security, service and continued support, consult us BEFORE registering a domain name.  For example: there IS a difference between a DNS redirect and a DNS host, which is best for you?.