Your Guarantee

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied ; your monthly fee will be refunded*. There are no term contracts setup fees. You may cancel services with ourselves, and move all content to a different provider, at any time.

Our high-speed servers are load-monitored and connect your website to the internet without bandwidth restrictions. These units are located in a low-dust, temperature consistent environment secured by a motion/infrared detector monitoring system. Power is provided by standard 110v supply filtered by rectifying UPS with a 4 hour battery reserve, a gas powered generator on stand-by.

*Please keep in mind that .com name and design fees are not refundable. 1) Names are registered by the Internic and are non-refundable to us. 2) Design work is under your personal control and is therefore predetermined as satisfactory. Typically, you do have the option to cancel after the initial presentation.